Qüirio is the mexican duo Jorge and María. Their artistic proposal appeals to the use of sacred songs and mantras. Their music is within the genres of world music and kirtan with a native mexican flair that will take you on a wonderful journey to your soul. Qüirio's music has been called "Music for the Soul" by the press inColombia. In 2009 they released their first album entitled "Yolohtli, The Path of the Heart" with lyrics in Spanish, English and Sanskrit. The theme song "Spoon Revolution" became the official anthem of the international animal right´s organization "La Revolución de la Cuchara". Their second album "Inbound Yoga Musik" was released in 2012 with a strong influence of Indian music, resulting in a kirtan pop fusion. They toured South America in 2012 and Europe in 2013.Qüirio stands out for the positive message on their lyrics, promoting a culture of peace. In 2012 they are honored as "Chaski" (Messengers of Peace) by the NGO  World Conscious Pact. In the same year, they won the Vrinda Awards in the category number 5 as "Best Performer of Contemporary Music".


These songs are destined to become anthems for the great work of elevating consciousness on planet Earth.— Sharon Gannon , Co-founder Jivamukti Yoga

Mantras and prayers are sung with conviction and devotion and seasoned with fine global sounds. Conscious, relaxing and elegant music.— Héctor Buitrago Aterciopelados , 2007 Grammy Winner

Sounds like the perfect soundtrack for a beautiful movie that has yet to be produced...— Christoph Mueller , 2006 Oscar Nominee

Notable Performances 

Chaski Fest  Mexico City, 2015
Gharana Fest Mexico City, 2014
Xicome Mexico City, 2014
Expo Yoga Mexico City, 2014
Bien Fest, Mexico City, 2014
Música del Corazón-Music Healing Festival, Playa del Carmen, 2014
Eco Yoga Music Festiwal, Bratislava, Poland 2013 
History Museum Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2013
Himmelstorm Festival Torup, Denmark 2013
Baobab Festival Malmö, Sweden 2013
European Vaisnava Mela Nandafalva, Hungary 2011
Anonyme Fleischesser Festival Berlin, Germany 2011
South America
Eco Yoga Festival Bogota, Colombia 2012
Centro DUOC Valparaiso, Chile 2012
Mystic Night, La Serena, Chile 2012
Eco Yoga Festival Lima, Peru 2012
Centro Cultural Govindas Quito, Ecuador 2012
Brahma Kunda Festival Vrindavan,  India 2010

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